Vancouver Communication Coach Launches New Program on Video Marketing For Women Business Owners

SW Washington Communication Coach, Stephana Johnson Launches New 45 Day Program To Help Women Small Business Owners Get Their Message On Center Stage and Increase Clients and Cash Flow Using The Power of Video, Visual and Verbal Strategies.

With the internet exploding with competition for audience attention, video can be one of the most persuasive marketing tools at your disposal. It is second only to word of mouth for its ability to influence decision-makers at every stage of the customer life cycle.

"When you successfully communicate your message through visual media, your target audience is capable of retaining more information and experiencing an emotional connection." says Stephana Johnson.

"video can be one of the most persuasive marketing tools at your disposal."

Stephana Johnson, Communication Coach

Stephana Johnson is an actress in the Portland/Vancouver Metro area and a certified coach who helps women business owners identify their target audience and establish their signature communication strategy using "The 4 Key Communication Cornerstones", a guide Johnson created and offers free through her website

"To get your business on center stage, you want to zero in on your ideal client and get precise with your message. To stand out from the crowd you must be congruent with all your communications." says Johnson.

While this may sound overwhelming, Johnson ensures it's doable for every client. "We are also establishing your credibility and expertise with your consistent and clear message through Video, Verbal and Written formats...we set up your signature speech, the results you get with clients...we pull all this together as part of your strategy." says Johnson.

"Stephana helped me clarify, in minutes, things that I had been trying to figure out... She did this by helping me connect with my own inner guidance, which is very important to me. She is very  fun to work with..." says Moni Castaneda one of Johnson's clients

Some of the areas Johnson covers in her 45 day program include: Video, Webinars, Live Events, DVDs, Google Hangouts, YouTube, Social Media, Branding, Pod Casts, Speaking Engagements, and more.

For more information about Stephana Johnson and her programs contact 360-936-3374 or visit