Trauma and Abuse Specialist, Stephana Johnson Wins First Place in Area Toastmasters Goes to Next Level Contest

Stephana Johnson wins for her emotionally touching speech at the Columbia Center Toastmasters.

Stephana Johnson who is a Trauma and Abuse Specialist entered the Columbia Center Toastmasters Speech Contest and won first place. "I honestly entered because I made a commitment to stretch myself in 2014. I knew this would be it as I am not a competitive person by nature," says Stephana.

Johnson has been a member of the Columbia Center Toastmasters for nearly a year. During that time, Ms. Johnson chaired two contests for the club and has been an active member of the local chapter.

"Toastmasters is a rich and rewarding experience. For anyone who has a fear of speaking, being among a group of peers who are supportive and slow to judge makes for room to grow at your own pace."

For Johnson, her pace was expedited by her drive to get her message out to a bigger audience. "As a trauma and abuse specialist, I can't just sit and my office and wait for people to come to me. Mostly people who have trauma are either trying to suppress it or have been told to "just get over it". Neither help. I wanted to get out and speak to folks who are suffering in silence out there but have outwardly symptoms that are literally killing them.

Johnson speaks to audiences locally as well as worldwide in the virtual world. Some of her topics include:

Piloting Your Way Through Depression and Stress

Take The Drama From the Trauma and Turn Trouble Into Triumph

Finding Joy Beyond Trauma: Stories of Healing, Strategies for Thriving

She teaches local workshops through a meetup group for survivors of sexual trauma and abuse.

You can find out more about Stephana Johnson at and see her speak in the Toastmasters Columbia Division Contest May 3 1:30 pm - 4:30pm located at the Georgetown Realty Bld 1000 Northeast 122nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97220