Stephana Johnson Honored In Top 100 Mom-Owned Businesses in America

Top 100 Leading Moms in Business Competition Honors Stephana Johnson and her business Stephana Entreprises, Inc. for her work helping women and families heal from past trauma and abuse.

Stephana Johnson, owner of Stephana Enterprises, Inc. a company dedicated to the empowerment of women entrepreneurs and executives to heal from past trauma and abuse so they can have love, joy and success in their relationships and careers.

The 2014 StartupNation Leading Moms in Business competition rank the top 100 mom-run businesses across the United States as determined by the combination of popular vote and the special recognition of judges.

Mom-owned and run businesses from all across the nation participated in the event to bring more awareness and recognition for their businesses. "I am honored to be among these amazing women and moms dedicated to raising their families and doing impactful work with their business." says Stephana Johnson. Johnson and her business Stephana Enterprises, Inc. ranked 74 in the over all competition.

"Stephana is an expert helping women reclaim their power and own their life on their own terms. With her guidance, I went through an amazing transformation: body, mind and spirit. She's brought out the real me... " says past client Yifat Cohen.

Johnson, who is a dedicated mother of two boys age 5 and 8, works from her home office and studio where she coaches and mentors clients via Skype and Google Hangouts. Some of her clients are in Australia, France and Canada as well as all over the US. Her days often begin at 3am to accommodate all the times zones.

Johnson takes her clients through a holistic approach to healing including physical exercises, nutritional expertise, lifestyle guidance as well as cognitive therapy and emotional guidance.

"She will push you to your limits, she will make you confront your deepest fears and she will hold your hand and support you as you move through them and bring out the real you."

"She is not a "get thin quick" solution or pill to stop the pain, but rather a transformation guru who can help you with your nutrition, your happiness, your relationships (with yourself and others) and your workout. It is so rare to find one person who can truly deliver all that and more, which is why I am so grateful to have met Stephana..." says Cohen.

An advocate for women's empowerment, Johnson has a daily radio pod cast as well as weekly television series to educate and empower women and their families to heal and have happiness.

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