New Television Series Feature Experts On Healthy Healing From Past Trauma

Trauma and Abuse Specialist, Stephana Johnson will host the new television series Healthy Healing Laboratory. Experts as well as survivors stories bring insight and practical steps to heal the pain from past trauma.

Healthy Healing Laboratory brings a holistic approach to healing from past trauma and abuse. The weekly series will be aired on Channels 11 and 22 in the Portland Metro area.

The series will feature experts including Naturopathic Doctors, Fitness Trainers and Therapists who will teach tools of healing from past traumas through a holistic approach, combining the mind, the body and the emotional elements.

"We've become so rushed in our culture where folks demand an instant fix, but when it comes to deep wounds like trauma and abuse, we need to remember these deep wounds of past trauma cannot be fixed by a pill or weekend workshop." says Stephana Johnson, Trauma and Abuse Specialist who will interview guests experts as well as survivors of trauma and abuse.

"Some of the stories are heart breaking but when you see how they have not only overcome a horrific tragedy but turned it into something triumphant, you can't help but be inspired. We want that from this show. To give hope, to show their is joy beyond the trauma...and more than anything let people know they are not alone." says Johnson.

Topics to be covered on Healthy Healing Laboratory include:

-- How to recognize symptoms of PTSD
-- Actions to take in the daily routine to release PTSD
-- How to overcome fear and confusion in relationships
-- Why quality nourishment and rest is crucial to healing journey
-- Understanding the importance of self care as a daily habit

"We have all experienced trauma in one form or another. From the veterans coming back from the wars to the one in three who have had some kind of sexual trauma, lasting effects can lead to depression, anxiety, addictions and other negative effects that can be prevented rather than being suppressed, neglected or avoided." says Johnson.

"Through this show we hope to provide insight as well as practical actionable steps anyone can take to not just cope with their past traumas, but to heal fully from them and in a healthy way." says Johnson.

Segments include:

Healing Kitchen Laboratory featuring nutrition experts who will share insight regarding nutrients that can help when there has been trauma.

Healing Home Laboratory featuring feng shui expert Moni Castaneda of who will teach tools on boundaries in your home and environment.

Healing Movement Laboratory featuring fitness and movement experts who will explore how the body holds the trauma and how it can be released through various movements.

"We are using "Laboratory" because we want people to know their own lives can be part of the discovery...what helps one heal may be different from anyone else in different combinations. There is not a one size fits all or a cookie cutter approach to healing."

"Making self care a top priority cannot be over stressed. The tough part is those who have had trauma tend to think they are not worthy of real self care. That's one thing I really hope people get from Healthy Healing Laboratory, they are worthy of self care."

Healthy Healing Laboratory can be seen weekday mornings on Channels 11 and 22 and replays through
Stephana Johnson is the author of the forthcoming book: "Finding Joy Beyond Trauma: Stories of Healing, Strategies for Thriving" and has a private practice in the Pacific Northwest and can be contacted through the web at