Leading Trauma and Abuse Specialist Sheds Light During Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Trauma and Abuse Specialist, Stephana Johnson will provide a free virtual event to bring more awareness about the adverse effects of sexual trauma and abuse and provide a holistic approach to healing from the trauma in a live webinar April 22, 2014.

In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness month, Stephana Johnson, a women's empowerment coach who specializes in helping her clients with a history of trauma and abuse, especially sexual trauma, is providing a free virtual webinar entitled "5 Powerful Yet Simple Tools To Turn Trouble Into Triumph" on Tuesday April 22, 2014.

One in three women and the six in ten men have been sexually assaulted. "The responses of the body to a traumatic experience, like a sexual assault, can have lasting impact on health for any person at any age. These are deep wounds that are buried just under the surface and can lead to illness, depression, anxiety and hold many back from experiencing a long term loving relationship or worse yet, keeping them stuck in a relationship that is abusive." says Stephana.

"As a result of personal sexual trauma, I lived in shame, fear and confusion until I was able to transform those scars into what I call 'sacred wounds'. After counseling and coaching others for over 20 years I discovered our greatest wounds lead to our soul's perfection," says Stephana.

"We have all faced trauma of one kind or another. Understanding we are not alone, that it was not our fault and that healing is possible is an important message to hear." says Stephana who uses a holistic model of mind, body and heart to address the healing process from trauma. "I will be sharing 5 of the most powerful, yet simple tools I take each of my clients through. When we begin to shift the limiting beliefs and negative habits which have a direct correlation on the amount of joy, love and success in our lives, not only can we heal, we can thrive. That's what I want for everyone who has been living with trauma and it's scars."

For more information or press inquiries go to www.stephanajohnson.com or 360-836-3374

For webinar information go to https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8716289726514308354


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