Leading Experts Bring Support To Help Simplify The Holiday Season During Global Telesummit

Free Global Telesummit "Simplifying the Holiday Season" for parents, families and those looking for ways to simplify the holiday season, have more meaningful connections and experience more intentional, joy filled traditions.

The holiday season countdown has begun and with it the pressure to buy more and do more. "The Holiday Season is meant to bring families closer together. It is a time of reflection along with joyful experiences. However, for many, stress has become part of the family holiday tradition. " says Stephana Johnson, founder of PILOT Your Way Through Stress and Host  of the Global Telesummit "Simplifying the Holiday Season".

The Simplifying The Holiday Season Global Telesummit will provide some new tactics and new ways of experiencing this special time.  It include insight from some of today's top simplicity parenting and lifestyle experts, including renowned Simplicity Parenting coach and author Kim John Payne,  business consultant and coach Stephana Johnson, and organization expert Miriam Ortiz y Pino. Discussions will help parents and families:

The Holiday Season should be about MORE JOY and less stress.

Stephana Johnson, Consultant and Coach

  • Learn how to reduce and eliminate the grip of the buying season
  • Understand why there is an epidemic of stress during the holiday season
  • Discover the difference between connection and commitments
  • Learn why and how simplifying the holiday season can actually create more hope and joy for each individual
  • Finding the right balance when it comes to the holidays
  • Create meaningful traditions to look forward with joy and appreciation
  • Eliminate the stress and sense of obligation
  • Plansmall, doable changes that will help make the holidays a time for meaningful family connections

A full list of topics can be found at www.pilotyourwaythroughstress.com

"I know from experience that it can be hard to get off the activity/obligation/buying treadmill once you are on it, especially during the holidays. But it’s also never too late to listen to that inner voice telling you to slow down and not get caught up in the commitment and all-the-kids-are-getting-(you name the latest trend) shopping pressure." says Johnson

The purpose of Simplifying the Holiday Season is to help parents, families and individuals have MORE JOY and less stress.

To find out more about the telesummit and to register visit www.pilotyourwaythroughstress.com or call 360-936-3374