Forgiveness and Boundaries Class For Healing Past Trauma and Abuse by Expert Stephana Johnson

Trauma and Abuse Specialist, Stephana Johnson and Feng Shui Expert Moni Castaneda team up for Forgiveness and Boundaries Series.

Trauma and Abuse Specialist, Stephana Johnson announced this morning that she has teamed up with Feng Shui expert and creator of Feng Shui For Us, Moni Castaneda to teach Feng Shui for Forgiveness and Boundaries as part of healing from past trauma and abuse.

"When you are given advice to forgive someone for travesty they committed against you, that can be like added salt to the open wound. There is so much false information and just plain unworkable information on forgiveness that is spread. Forgiveness done the right way, with the right understanding can indeed be a big part of healing from our past trauma." says Johnson.

"This class is designed for people to understand a new paradigm around forgiveness and know how to use it as a process to healing past pain", says Johnson.

"Mental, emotional and physical health are at stake when past trauma is not addressed and healed." says Castaneda. "This two part teleclass is not just about learning how to apply feng shui cures for
forgiveness and boundaries. It is about transforming your life and living from the expression of your authentic self. Understanding you have a right to be here, to occupy your space and make the contributions only you can make to this world, in spite of what an abuser may have told you." explains Castaneda.

Both Moni Castaneda Feng Shui Expert and Stephana Johnson, Trauma and Abuse Specialist, experienced deep trauma when they were children, and both now live very happy fulfilled lives.

"You could say we overcame almost impossible odds, but once you've take the teleclass you'll know why we say, it's not because of what happened to you that you turned out to be who you are, but in spite of it," says Castaneda. "... because at some point you make a decision to be well, and take action."

The Feng Shui For Forgiveness and Boundaries Teleclass will include tools and support to healing past trauma and abuse. The class will also cover inner child work and skills to building a new present.

Additional components to the class include:

Templates for single parents and for families where each partner has their own children.

Feng Shui cures for the inner child and establishing healthy energetic boundaries

Checklist for creating clear boundaries in your relationships

Templates for organizing family photos in the home

Each participant will also receive a 25 minute consultation with Johnson and Castaneda.

The Feng Shui for Forgiveness and Boundaries Teleclass will take place June 3, 2014

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