Filmaker Brings "Lily On Saturday" To Portland, Oregon's Top Rated Indie Community

LILY ON SATURDAY launches with the new paradigm in indie film making and discovers a correlation between on screen drama and real life trauma with lead actress Stephana Johnson.

LILY ON SATURDAY slated to go into production on June 9th, 2014 in Portland, Oregon. "This is the kind of story that we don't see enough of at the Cineplex or on TV", says Bradley Sellers , DP for the film, who is known for filming the cult favorite Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The film is about forty-something Lily, played by Stephana Johnson, who is also an advocate for women's empowerment and deals with real life trauma and abuse in her day job. "The script really spoke to me. Lily could be any one of us and her journey is one we can all relate to. It's an actors of those moments where you know everything just aligns," says Stephana.

The story takes the audience through Lily's journey to find herself. Through a lifetime of tragedies, the latest chapter marks a reprieve from misery though provides no easy answers. Her already difficult life then spirals into deeper complications on a postponed retreat at a best friend's country home.

A film that could be set anywhere, award-winning Screenwriter and producer, Christine Autrand Mitchell, who will also direct the film chose Portland, Oregon after moving to the NW just over eight months ago.

Casting Director, Lori Lewis of Free Spirit Casting who also cast for such films as DEEP DARK, TWILIGHT and THE ROAD says "from the hundreds of wonderful local talent who responded, we knew when Stephana Johnson walked in, we had our Lily."

Mitchell, also a well seasoned casting director from California, says, "It was kismet. Stephana is amazing and I feel so privileged to know her and have the opportunity to work with her on this project."

Stephana Johnson, a Women's Empowerment Coach and Trauma and Abuse specialist, says: "Acting has always been a passion and has served as a therapeutic outlet for the work I do."

Stephana, a victim of sexual trauma and abuse in her own past, has struggled with how to bring the stories to the screen without degrading women. "I think Christine has written a script with more than just 'real' characters...she's written a script about real life without the sensationalism so often portrayed on the screen."

Derek Nickell, co-producer and editor, who is a Navy veteran with a long list of commercials, short films, web series, and features says "The script tells a very intricate story and done at a high production value for a limited amount of funds, it's a true indie project.With indiegogo we are raising the last portion of our budget so we can make this an economically viable project by paying those involved in the film a living wage."

"More importantly, telling the story of Lily, along with her friends and family, inspires hope and reignites our ability to see a little of ourselves in others." says Nickell.

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