Communication Coach Launches Premier Program For Women Entrepreneurs and Consultants

Stephana Johnson, Communication Coach launches new signature program "The 4 Key Communication Cornerstones to More Clients and Cash Flow" to help women entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants increase their exposure and income.

Stephana Johnson, a leading coach in the NW helps women entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants communicate their message and increase clients and income, launches "The 4 Key Communication Cornerstones to More Clients and Cash Flow".

The signature program will take clients through discovering their key message, branding and identity and confidently implementing their message through a custom communication strategy to reach their ideal clients.

"Stephana is a powerful, compassionate and joyful coach. She shows great insight, respect and integrity in our sessions together. She helped me clarify, in minutes, things that I had been trying to figure out... She did this by helping me connect with my own inner guidance, which is very important to me. She is very spiritual and fun to work with.... Stephana will help you succeed in a way that is congruent with your life purpose, and speak your truth in business... establishing a personal business brand, that delivers your message to the world." says Moni Castaneda one of Johnson's clients and leading Feng Shui Consultant and Teacher,

Johnson's signature system is available in a free infographic and basic action guide when registering at Johnson's website Followed up with an in depth webinar on the topic, Johnson will provide knowledge and actionable steps on confidently communicating through multiple venues. Johnson offers group and private one on one coaching in a safe and supportive way.

"I was reluctant to get out there and speak but I knew I had to if I wanted to grow. Hiring Stephana was the smartest thing I did for myself and my business. I didn't realize a deeper trauma from my past was connected to holding me stuck and afraid to get out there and speak. Stephana helped me release trauma and within two weeks of our first session I had 2 successful speaking engagements in front of my ideal clients and doubled my income." says Kelly Michaels, a music coach and session player.

Johnson has a passion for helping clients find their unique voice with their gifts and talents and confidently express their message effectively to be seen, heard and hired. "The 4 Key Communication Cornerstones" is Johnson's signature program available through her website.

For more information about Stephana Johnson and her programs contact 360-936-3374 or visit


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