Business & Communication Coach Teaches Women Entrepreneurs How to Confidently Speak Their Message To Grow Their Business

Stephana Johnson, Business Coach and Communication Mentor helps women entrepreneurs and small business owners confidently communicate their message and successfully speak their truth to grow their businesses.

Many entrepreneurs don't feel as confident or prepared as they would like when it comes to communicating their message and yet it is a key ingredient to growing a business.

Stephana Johnson focuses her services to help women entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their business and confidently communicate their message so they can successfully speak their truth.

Stephana Johnson uses her skills as a certified business coach and holistic marketing specialist to mentor women entrepreneurs and small business owners to communicate more confidently and get their message out more easily.

"Being an innovator and visionary is synonymous with the entrepreneur. The thing that can stop a smart entrepreneur with a wonderful product or service is their lack of ability and confidence to clearly articulate their message. " says Johnson.

Johnson uncovers the largest stumbling blocks for clients and ascertains what skills need to be developed. She then develops a program and structures a plan that will take the client from where they are to where they want to go.

"Where I see many small business owners and entrepreneurs staying stuck is in the communication of their message. They might be hiding out, not successfully speaking their truth. They know what they should be doing, there's just something blocking them. That's where my years of counseling and coaching come in. Sometimes it's the deep inner work that's the catalyst to the biggest shifts. Yet, it's not about long drawn out therapy, the tools we have today, it makes it actually quite simple and fast to clear this area of communicating their message and speaking their truth....and it's fundamental to standing out in business. Amazingly enough, when they clear this area all areas of their lives improve." says Johnson.

Johnson will deliver a keynote on the Communication Code: Components of Speaking Your Truth for small business owners on Saturday May 31.

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