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Industry: Consulting and Professional Services

Founded: 2000

Stephana Johnson consults and coaches women and families to take dramatic steps to enjoy vibrant, healthy, abundantly fulfilled lives.   As a direct result of their work together, clients overcome fear, self-doubt, life-long struggles, and set aside other self-limiting beliefs that used to stand in the way of them stepping into their full potential.

As a veteran in the self-improvement and wellness industries, Stephana believes the client is ultimately responsible for achieving desired results.  It takes an enormous amount of  determination to bring about lasting change.

The experience, tools and techniques Stephana brings to each client engagement invite and inspire lasting transformation.  Best of all, she makes it fun AND as she guides each client to discover their soul’s song their confidence grows loud and proud with each decisive step forward.

Stephana is an Ordained Minister and Certified Simplicity Parenting Coach. She is a Master Personal Trainer, holds numerous additional certifications in Holistic Wellness Modalities and is the creator of Yogilachi: Healing Through Movement program.

She touches future generations by empowering families with tools to raise and sustain happier, connected families.

She is and award winning speaker and winner of Saturn's Women of the Year Award 2000 for humanitarian work.

Stephana loves learning, laughing and growing with her two young sons. She lives a holistic lifestyle and treads softly on our planet by choosing a life of sustainable simplicity, abundant joy and passionate purpose.